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Gen7 UTM Web Login Customisation

Hi @Sathya & @Sohrab , is there going to be a way to customise the Login screen on the Gen7 appliances ?

I can't see a way to change this currently, we have had several customers asking how to get rid of the SonicWall marketing on the Login page and to be able to customise it, so they can add Logos etc..

you can change this on the SMA 100 series by enabling Display custom login page, could the same thing not be added to the Gen7 appliances?

If it is in there and I'm missing it, please could you direct me to the correct page as I've looked in the usual places as I can't find it?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

Best Answer


  • Thanks for the message. User customization of the login page will be added in near future for Gen7 TZ.


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi Sathya, Thanks for this, do you have an ETA for this, near future is a bit vague ?

  • chrismchrism Newbie ✭
    Hi. We need this feature too. I wish I could at least block that marketing stuff, it’s really unprofessional looking. What is the ETA on this?
  • DanielTPDanielTP Newbie ✭

    Hello guys! Any news about this topic?

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