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New Feature Suggestion - Indoor Navigation using SonicPoint AP's

PrabathPrabath Enthusiast ✭✭

WI-FI RSSI base location detaction Feature (Feature Suggestion "SonicNavi").

We are Every day use location-dependant services,

like a visiting Super Market, Shopping mall, Hotels, hospitals, etc..

in this feature am going to describe how we can get navigation using SonicPoint WI-FI RSSI.

We have a good out door navigation like a Global Positioning System (GPS) However, GPS cannot be used indoors because a GPS receiver usually fails if line of sight visibility to the satellites is lost.

Assisted GPS may work indoors but it has its own limitations with respect to network assistance. GPS gives the latitude and longitude details of a GPS receiver,

In this feature use three SonicPoint Device location and WI-FI Signals to navigat both indoor and outdoor locations.

it can get exact location via SonicPoint WI-FI RSSI,

this feature is Collaboration of Sonicwall Firewall, Sonicpoint AP, Sonicwall WI-FI Planner and "SonicNavi " app.

If we are able to create like this feature it’s able save our time.

Thank You.


Category: SonicPoint


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