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WCM - Individual device report

AjishlalAjishlal Enthusiast ✭✭

Is there any plan for improving the WiFi Cloud Manager reporting features?

Current WCM version (2.0.29) doesn't have feature for individual device report generation.

I do have multiple zone configured in my WCM and need individual zone/device report.

While doing the WCM beta (2.0.23) testing I raised the issue and the back team was promised that the next release will fix those issues. but until now nothing happened.

Category: WiFi Cloud Manager


  • MicahMicah Administrator

    Hi @Ajesh let me loop in the right folks for this conversation. Stay tuned.

    Self-Service Sr. Manager at SonicWall. Say "hi" by tagging me at @micah.

  • SohrabSohrab Moderator
    edited September 11

    Hi @Ajesh, to be most accurate, WCM 3.0 has the totally new and improved reporting. IT will go to beta by mid-October, and the good news is, WCM beta is open to all users.

    Please stay tuned for WCM 3.0 beta, and provide us with feedback upon availability.

  • AjishlalAjishlal Enthusiast ✭✭
    Hi @Sohrab
    Looking fwd the beta access.
    Is it improved the alert feature?
    The current WCM will update (email)the device offline alert after 24hrs only. This also i was escalated to the back end team on exat the same time but until now its remain same.
    We need the ontime email alert feature too.
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