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Bandwidth Objects - Minimum bandwidth for Guaranteed Bandwidth

OliverOliver Newbie ✭
edited September 2020 in Mid Range Firewalls

Is the bandwidth object has a limitation of 20kbps? Because I'm trying to give a guaranteed bandwidth of 8kbps and it pops the error.

Is there a way to configure it to accept the 8kbps guaranteed bandwidth?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls

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    OliverOliver Newbie ✭
    edited September 2020

    Hi @shiprasahu93

    8 Kbps is a very low number, why are you trying to use such a low value as guaranteed?

    • this is actually based on the current firewall of our end user. their current firewall is cyberoam and they want to migrate to sonicwall nsa 3650.

    What is this object being created for?

    • this is to limit the bandwidth of a certain group of users.
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    OliverOliver Newbie ✭

    Hi @shiprasahu93

    got it, thanks.

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