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Error 403 Forbidden

Hi all, we have a TZ400 at the office. Our users login to a website database which was working fine last week. This week, they can get to the login prompt and enter their details but when pressing login they all get the 403 error and can go no further. Happens with all browsers and we know credentials are correct because it works fine from outside the LAN so it's either IP address blocking or something to do with the firewall. The vendor claims no blocking is going on so I wondered if anyone had experienced this before and whether or not there was anything I could try on the gateway device to prove it. All other websites work fine and no config changes have been made on the Sonicwall and it's driving us a bit crazy this one so any pointers would be appreciated. Sorry if it's a daft question and posted in the wrong place but needs must!

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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