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Always On VPN and SonicWall Mobile Client

My company requires Always ON VPN. the user must always auto connect to the vpn tunnel whenever network is detected; unless local office subnet (trusted network) is found. I'm researching Always On VPN, and they brag you can use "third party vpn connectors" such as SONICWALL, PALO ALTO and so forth. Normally with Always On you'd use a Windows 2016 RRAS server, certificate authority and Network Permissions Server NPS to jigger the connection. I don't want to use windows RRAS I want to use my Sonic firewall. Has ANYONE implemented ALways On VPN and has anyone implemented Always On VPN with a SonicWall VPN client and firewall? If so, how did you do it? I look for step by step instructions I'm just getting a lot of unrelated RRAS and load balancing for already existing Always On VPN setup. Please include any tutorial links you know of! In my research all i've heard was casual mention that Sonicwall Mobile Client is the "third party" access to ALways on VPN. And yes, I'm aware of SMA, it's just too expensive for our needs.

Category: VPN Client


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