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NSv Firmware Upgrade

Ive run into a fun issue where I have deployed the version that was presented as my download in my portal. I have downloaded, unpacked, configured, registered, repacked, and shipped off to my data center to be uploaded and installed. After a couple of fun "I didnt expect that to happen" with the registration, I find out there is a new firmware. However, I cannot upgrade from to and have to perform this all over again! This requires a day of my time, and the involvement of multiple people from my data center. Do you foresee this being the case with future firmware releases? I hope not as this becomes a very expensive process for upgrades.

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  • MicahMicah Administrator

    Hi @Saravanan do you have any thoughts on this one?

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  • Hi @JUSTME,

    Sorry for the late response.

    Unfortunately, upgrade from 6.5.0.x to 6.5.4.x is unsupported at this time. The possible way of migrating to 6.5.4.x series of NSv is as follows,

    • Export current settings from 6.5.0.x deployment
    • Re-deploy with Version 6.5.4.x
    • Import the settings on the 6.5.4.x deployment

    I know this is a time consuming process but due to technical enhancement reasons on 6.5.4.x series, the support is unextended. We can definitely raise an RFE (Requesting Feature Enhancement) to avail the upgrade support from 6.5.0.x to 6.5.4.x release.

    Once again sorry for the delay in response. Hope this information helps.


    Saravanan V

    Technical Support Advisor - Premier Services

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