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Tech Tips: Useful CFS KB articles on SonicOSX 7.0

Hello Everyone,

On SonicOSX 7.0, using a security policy we can take actions and additional actions once a specific match criterion is met. Content filtering is one of the major security feature that we would like to enforce and have been using in its traditional form from a long time. The following KB articles would be helpful to achieve similar results on SonicOSX 7.0.

1) How To Allow Certain Websites On SonicOSX 7.0?

2) How To Allow Specific Web Categories On SonicOSX 7.0?

3) How To Block Certain Keywords On SonicOSX 7.0?

4) How To Create URI List Objects/Groups On SonicOSX 7.0?

5) How To Apply Passphrase To Websites/Web Categories On SonicOSX 7.0?

6) How To Apply Confirm To Websites/Web Categories Using SonicOSX 7.0 ?

I hope this is useful!


Category: Virtual Firewall

Shipra Sahu

Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services


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