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Email Security On premise and O365

Hello Community. Need your help to know if the on premise email security solution still have limits with O365 integration as reported int the following KB. Thanks.

Category: Email Security Appliances

Best Answer

    David WDavid W SonicWall Employee
    Accepted Answer

    You can use the on prem for inbound just not for outbound at this time.

    The addition of support for outbound is in the roadmap but I do not know right now when that is to be added.


  • AnkurAnkur Moderator

    We plan to add this to some of our subsequent releases. The upcoming release planned in April timeframe does not have this feature. Further timeline of the feature can be communicated once we decide the release version of this feature. Please inform SonicWall sales team if there are large deals getting blocked. That will help us prioritize.

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