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Registration issues and NAT

Had a couple of 231c's registered through the iOS app (which automatically register as US devices even though in the UK) and will not switch to NAT mode.

We use them with 4G dongles for failover, and although I can set the AP's to NAT, the access points do not update. The SSID's and settings update, but the network settings don't. The wireless cloud management show that the AP is in NAT mode, but if you downlaod a TSR from the AP it still shows as being in 'Wireless Bridge' mode instead of 'Wireless Router'.

There is nothing I can do to resolve this, and SonicWall Support don't recognise as a problem.

The first time I had to delete registration and re-register via the portal and it seemed to work.

The latest one we have for internal use is a NFR model and has the same problem but I cannot delete it, and customer services won't delete it either, so stuck with a 231c which cannot get into NAT mode.

Anyone else have this problem and potentially have a successful support case?

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    Update your SonicWaves firmware to the latest under Settings -> General and then try it again.

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    SwamySwamy SonicWall Employee


    Could you please let me know if you have a support ticket reported? and share the ticket number if you have one reported?



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