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Install NetExtender SSL VPN Silently

CITCIT Newbie ✭

For the life of me I can't get the lastest NetExtender installed on our machines. I know there was an option to deploy using GP, but GP does not help when users are remote and need VPN access. We are using our RMM to deploy the softwared.

Can someone help provide a Powershell script or bat file to install NetExtender?

I tried this command:

msiexec /i NetExtender.MSI /qn /norestart ALLUSERS=2

But found it can not be run as SYSTEM account - it forces a reboot, and does NOT install the software.

It works IF I install as local user when running the command as administrator (right click run as admin), but that installing using local user account. We can't prompt every for admin rights to install.

Needs some help, thanks!

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    AzeemAzeem SonicWall Employee

    Please find the attachment, this will help you with deploying the NX silently using GPO

    Kind Regards



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    If you want to install as the system account, in a powershell script I found that using the .exe version not the msi worked with /S /Q added to the end

    e.g in my powershell script I use

    & ".\NXSetupU10.exe" /Q /S

    You can get the .exe version from the firewall itself from the vpn portal (it is not available on the mysonicwall download site)

    I hope this helps some others. Please Click like and helpful if this has helped you.

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