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Route Certain Website adress through Connect Tunnel Client


i need to route a certain website url traffic through connect tunnel client. We use a SMA6210. I've created a resource to the website. This website only accepts a specific Ip from our head office. i use connect tunnel version

someone who has an idea? Thank you.


Category: VPN Client

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    ErdalErdal Newbie ✭
    edited October 2022 Answer ✓

    Thank you for your answer. This wasn't the solution. The Solution was (Crazy Sonicwall - unbelievable). If in your Access Rule you use an Active Directory User (in From field), the Access rule will not work. I had to use an Active Directory Group in From field of the Access Rule, then the access through the Url-Ressource/SMA Appliance works.

    The SMA 6210 is the badest Appliance ive ever seen from Sonicwall. It isnt from sonicwall, it was bought from Aventail and only being reactivated because of Corona. Because Sonicwall hasnt such as other solution... its a shame.


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    Those websites need public A record, not cname or alias.

    With correct A record, CT will add the public IP to client route table and route to SMA.

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