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Bypass Website block with Passphrase


I would like to allow a user to bypass the content blocking by use of passphrase WITHOUT a predetermined list of sites being added., and WITHOUT using a Static ip.

( It's for a doctor, using multiple computers roaming around )

I Know you can set it for a pre-determined list, but this wont wont work for him either will a static ip as he uses a bunch of the pcs.

Summary: Need to know if there is a way to use passphrase to bypass a blocked site as stated above

Thanks in advance

Category: High End Firewalls

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited July 2022 Answer ✓

    @ ShawnB

    Create a user or use an LDAP user and put them in the Content Filtering Bypass group under local groups, when they need to allow a site get them to login to the firewall ip (like you would with the admin) then during the session the CFS will be bypassed (once they logout it will revert to the normal CFS Policy)

    make sure you enable https user login on the interface too


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    ShawnBShawnB Newbie ✭

    Thanks for the info. I had called SonicWALL twice and they could not assist me. If would be even better if they did not need to login to the firewall and just enter the passphrase WITHOUT the list of site.

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