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SMA 8200v latest updates

Where can I find the latest hotfixes and updates for the SMA 8200v virtual appliances? All I can see in is what looks like a full install of a fresh appliance:

SMA-8200v Virtual Appliance


Jun 21, 2021

1.61 GB

 Virtual Appliance Hyper-V


Jun 19, 2021

737.74 MB

This is what we currently have:

Version: 12.4.0-02223    

[clt-hotfix-12.4.0-02559, clt-hotfix-12.4.0-03050, pform-hotfix-12.4.0-02559, pform-hotfix-12.4.0-03050]    

EPC Version

It would be nice if the appliance itself had direct links to the lastest updates.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    NatNat Newbie

    Expand the firmware version, then scroll down on right hand side.

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    For me, I click "Tenant Products" in the "My Workspace" section of the left-side sidebar menu. My 8200v shows a "New Version" icon, a circle with three dots around a small appliance icon. Clicking that shows me a popup screen with the latest firmware versions. Some of those are listed as Client or Platform updates. I think you can install the platform hotfixes via the CMS, if you have one.

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