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Switch DHCP Questions

ccabralccabral Newbie ✭

I have installed a 14-48 port switch using Autodiscovery on my TZ500.

The interface (X2) was assigned a static ip

The TZ has DHCP enabled

I have a laptop (DHCP Enabled) plugged into port 2 on the new switch and it picked up ip

Why is it not getting ip's from the TZ?

I can ping from the laptop.

What am I missing?

Category: Switches

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    ccabralccabral Newbie ✭

    Thank you for the link. I am reviewing the guide.

    I would like to ask a question that I'm sure you could answer but hopefully it doesn't take too much time to explain.

    My question is related to ip addressing that seems to be coming from the switch.

    So I'll explain...... I have the TZ500 with LAN X0 scheme and X2 is configured as static and plugged into port1 on the 14-48. When I connected a PC with DHCP it picked up First question.. wouldn't I want the switch to use DHCP from the TZ to keep everything in the same subnet? Side note: I do want to configure a small VLAN down the road, would I then what to create a second subnet?

    I think I'll leave it here, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

    Thank You for your time in responding.

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    ccabralccabral Newbie ✭

    So if I assign a static IP to the X2 interface which is plugged in to port 1 and the ip range as 192.168.100.X but my DHCP server on the Firewall is 192.168.254.x and I want that scheme to be used on the 47 remaining ports. Is this possible?

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