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My name is Ena, and I'm part of the SonicWall Community management team. My main goal is to support you, to help answer your questions and to help you get to know the platform. I want to make the SonicWall Community an overall great place for you to visit regularly. I'm excited to get to know you all personally. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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  • Hi @TKWITS Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Let me know if that does the trick.
  • Hi @phongnd02 Thanks for pointing this out. I've reached out to our Knowledge Base Manager with your insight - the article should be updated soon.
  • Hi @MrCee22, Thanks for reaching out to the SonicWall Community for NSM insight. I’ve moved your post to the proper category. Hopefully, fellow community members will chime in with their own experience, pros, and cons. In the meantime, could you share your journey with the product in more detail? What were your pain points…
    in NSM On-Prem Comment by Ena December 2022
  • Hello @NTI ! I ran this post by one of our Support Engineers and it looks like it's something that has to be diagnosed in real-time. Please reach out to Support if this is something you still need help with.
  • Hi @RussF, I've looked into this and the issue described is often exacerbated by clicking the 'back' button of your browser, because in those situations the page does not reload to reflect the latest data. It simply accesses a cached version of the page. The behavior is not mimicked when using an alternate route: > Now, in…
  • Thanks for providing additional information. I'll look into this and get back to you soon! Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
  • Hi @RussF, Thanks for reaching out. When you click on the back link in the browser, where are you being redirected? I've done some troubleshooting and the behavior is as expected, on my end. When I am in a category, like entry level firewalls, and I click on a new discussion, then click the back arrow, I go back to entry…
  • Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your feedback. This sounds like a product enhancement, handled by our product management team. I'll flag this post with them, to see if it's something we can put on our product roadmap. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
  • Hi Larry, Release Note are posted to the Technical Documentation site, or can be found in MSW. The quickest way to find a particular Release Notes is to filter by product (SonicOS is found under Firewalls and SMA is found under Secure Remote Access), then select Release Notes under the documentation type. SMA 100: There…
  • Hi @louismcc, Thanks for reaching out to the SonicWall Community. I've flagged your post internally. There should be an Account Manager reaching out soon to see if there is anything we can do to help. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
  • Hi @joemn, Apologies for any confusion! I've reached out to our information development team, they are re-uploading the document to the TechDoc site. In the meantime, I've attached a copy of the release document. 
  • Hello @joemn, Let me know if this documentation helps.
  • Hi All, Thanks for reaching out. This is something we've looked at and have in our Community roadmap to upgrade. In the meantime, feel free to use the Support Search feature and filter by Community. The results should be inclusive of all years. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
  • Hi All, I've flagged this with our Product Management team, and they are adding this feature request to their roadmap. Thanks for your feedback and patience!