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Unable to receive log files on NSA220 after upgrading firmware

I recently upgraded the firmware on my NSA220 to version SonicOS Enhanced Since doing so, the alerts and log files will not send on the NSA220. Nothing has changed on my email account config but when I try to manually send a log file, an error is recorded stating 'SMTP authentication problem:Username and password don't match.'

I have tried using 2 other different email accounts on different domains and triple checked the configuration settings but keep getting this message regardless. Is there a known issue or workaround for this?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


  • Hello @AronS,

    Welcome to the SonicWall community.

    I could not find any reported issues specific to this for Gen 5 devices. I would suggest reaching out to our Support team so that we can perform some packet captures and find out the root cause of this problem.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • joshuamariusjoshuamarius Newbie ✭

    I know this is a year old but having the same problem on NSA 240, NSA 250m, NSA 2400 which were working until the upgrade. These firewalls will be decommissioned but in the meantime the Email alerts are important.

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