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Feature Request(?) Connect Tunnel status colors

It would be extremely helpful if the connect tunnel status icon in the system tray showed a different color for Device VPN connected vs User VPN Connected. Currently they both show the same green.

Current icon status colors:

orange/amber - Not Connected

light blue - Secure Network Detected - no need to connect - full direct access to secure network without VPN

Green (please consider changing this to something other than green) - Device VPN Connected - VPN connected, but only authenticated using device/machine account - in my case this is limited access to domain controllers, patch servers, antivirus and carbon black servers.

(Also) Green - User VPN Connected (shown as 'Connected') VPN connected and authenticated as user - full access to secure network via the VPN (in my case) It would also be helpful to change the status to "User VPN Connected" but that is secondary.

So my users see a green icon and report "the VPN is connected" but I cannot access X. It only happens occasionally, sometimes on a wake from sleep, or move to another network, but I have to have them open the app and hit connect. It would be easier if they could tell at a glance that they have a limited connection.

If there is a more appropriate place for feature requests, I apologize.

Category: VPN Client

Best Answers

    MicahMicah admin
    Accepted Answer

    Update @Doug_Daniel,

    We have submitted an RFE internally. It is being tracked via request SMA1000-3361. Preliminary findings indicate that this should be available via next feature release or hotfix.

    Kind regards,

    Doug_DanielDoug_Daniel Newbie ✭
    Accepted Answer

    FYI - thank you! This feature has been implemented in the client

    Orange = disconnected

    Yellow(?) - Device VPN connected (limited functionality/connectivity in my environment)

    Green - Connected (user authenticated VPN session)

    I actually hope the yellow color becomes a little brighter in the next release but this is a huge step forward - Thanks SMA 1000 team!

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