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Importing users from LDAP


On NSA devices there is an option to import users from LDAP. Is this not an option on the SMA? We would like to add users (about 50 of them) to have an RDP bookmark to their office computers and am looking for a way to do this using their Active Directory creds. They can sign in with their AD creds and then the user is listed there but is there a way of doing this without asking them to sign in first?

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


  • GeethaGeetha SonicWall Employee

    Yes, we can manually add each user. Navigate to Users - Local Users, Click Add user. Enter the User Name same as the domain user name, select the Domain and Click Accept.

  • I only see the options below for you.

    1. Add users manually (make sure you select your AD for the domain) and define per user bookmark.
    2. Alternatively if your users are capable, you can give them the ability to add their own bookmarks.
  • I have another solution for you, @JamesD. You can leverage custom variables in AD to do the Bookmark.


    1. Use an attribute in AD for each user that specifies the hostname or IP of their workstation.
    2. In your Domain, put the custom variable as %AD:attribute%.
    3. Make a global bookmark and use %AD:attribute% as your IP or hostname
    4. When a user logs in, they will get their own custom attribute assigned to the hostname

    There is an issue with this working in contemporary mode in but will be fixed in Make sure the users cannot modify or delete bookmarks or they will delete that global bookmark for everyone by accident.

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