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charlyucharlyu Newbie ✭

Hi to everyone, I m having this issue since yesterday and I dont know why, it was working perfectly this monday.

I have a TZ 470 with 7 gen. I've chack everything and everything is okay, just since yesterday stop working?

Anyone know why?

Best regards

Category: SSL VPN


  • @charlyu, are you on the latest version of the firewall firmware?

  • charlyucharlyu Newbie ✭

    Hi @MasterRoshi

    I have this version SonicOS 7.0.1-R1456 of the firewall firmware.

  • Please upgrade to the latest @Chamil to reduce some variables. The version you are on had some issues with SSL VPN that caused it to stop working until a reboot. If it is still happening after the upgrade, open a support case with us to investigate this further.

  • charlyucharlyu Newbie ✭

    I will try it, but I need to find the moment becuase I have HA and I cannot do it on the working hours.


    I will let you know!

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