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Cloud Edge SSLVPN Server support

Dear all,

I wanted to raise awareness and hear everyone's thoughts on an idea I've thought of in regards to Cloud Edge Security Access to accept SSLVPN tunnels from our SonicWall AP - SonicWaves. Allowing Cloud Edge Security Access to act as an SSLVPN basic Server configuration (at least on par with SonicOS or SMA 100 since SonicWaves now support both NetExtender and Connect Tunnel) would be beneficial for the overall adoption and/or integration of Cloud Edge while strenghtening it as SAAS . This will allow our Customers to extend their distributed enterprise business without black-wholing their traffic from their SonicWaves via their headquarters but rather bring everything to Cloud Edge which is regional and decide from there to whom resources access is granted to.

I've already created an RFE with ID # 4008. If you have access to the portal and you believe it is a great idea, please go ahead and query for the 4008 ID within RFE portal and like it.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Stan.

Category: Cloud Edge Secure Access

Solutions Architect at SonicWall. Feel free to @Stan  if you have any questions on any product.



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